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Eric and Stacey Windom began creating recipes years ago for family and friends, but Portion Cocktails was finally brought to market in 2017. Eric has a career in aviation and Stacey is in sales and marketing.

Portion Cocktails was born out of a desire for something missing in the marketplace. Eric and Stacey have enjoyed creating the flavors and recruiting friends and family to nail down the perfect recipe for flavor, alcohol content and calorie count.


Let’s talk about sweetness. This is probably the most unique feature of our drinks…we knew the biggest challenge in creating a great cocktail would be to perfect the level of sweetness. Most people either love or hate a drink based on how sweet it is, so we decided to formulate our drink with “customizable” sweetness. Which was not an easy task. Our goal was to create a product that could be served straight for those who love a super sweet drink, or the sweetness could be diluted for those who want to tone down the sweetness. This allows everyone to get exactly what they want from the same bottle.

The biggest difference between our drinks and others on the market is we didn’t dilute the vodka content or flavor to achieve this. Other drinks on the market have an alcohol volume of about 10%. With our cocktails, you pour a 3oz portion which is 17.5% alcohol by volume. You add water or club soda to your own personal taste, which we find is generally 3-5 oz, and the end result is a 6-8oz drink with 150 calories, a full shot of premium vodka and a glass full of incredible flavor. Our recipes are very concentrated, so you never lose the flavor with the addition of water or club soda.

“pure, clean 6 times distilled vodka and flavors derived from natural ingredients and real fruit extracts”


Naming a product is more challenging than you think, but we kept coming back to the word “portion” because for us, a healthy life is about moderation, and moderation begins with portion control. We also believe our drinks have the perfect portion of vodka, sweetness and flavor, so “Portion Cocktails” was born.


Most importantly, we are starting with pure, clean 6 times distilled vodka. The flavors are derived from fresh, natural ingredients including real fruit extracts. The quality of the ingredients produces a unique cocktail with a light, clean taste. These recipes were born in our kitchen and then perfected for large scale production. 


In addition to the great taste and low calories, Portion Cocktails are an incredible value. Because the drink is concentrated and the ideal serving instructions include water or club soda, our bottle yields 8 drinks in comparison to 3 to 4 drinks with any other “ready to drink” cocktail on the market today. It lasts longer, costs less and tastes better!


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